Alex Buckingham
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Alex Buckingham Alex kicked off his career in London (UK) and was initially known for his skill at photographing liquid and still life. He shot campaigns for just about every British booze and banking institution you can think of including; Smirnoff, Hennessey, Moet, Gordons, Guinness, Boddingtons, Holsten, Tetleys, Strongbow, Carlsberg, Kellogg, Silk Cut, Lloyds, Midland, Nat West, Barclays. He also shot for the likes of Cadburys, The Times Newspaper, Nokia, Liberty Store, Sainsbury, Tesco, plus many more. Alex had always photographed landscapes for fun. However, it wasn't until he fell for the barmaid at his local pub and moved to her native Queensland that he began to work extensively on location and lifestyle in addition to still life. Alex spent three months travelling around Queensland shooting an extensive campaign for the Great Northern Brewing Company. The project allowed him to combined his two great loves: landscape and beer. He has also produced some great work on Coke China. Along the way, Alex has picked up most of the coveted international and national awards around, including; Cannes, One Show, D & AD, Clio, AWARD and BADC.


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