About Agent K Creative + Production 

We represent a select diverse range of exceptionally talented Photographers and Illustrators from Australia for projects across Australasia. 

No matter what the brief, our production services will manage your project requirements and our creatives will deliver perfect solutions. 

The creative artists we represent have been very carefully selected. They are award winning, have extensive industry experience and are fueled by passion and desire to create stunningly beautiful imagery. 

Their portfolios include sensational illustrations and photography of advertising, product, still life, fashion, beauty, property, resorts, food, liquid, plus many more. 

As well as representing and producing for this unique team of artists, Agent K also provides full production facilitation services for Australian and international clients.   

Our production services include:

  • Stills and TVC Production
  • Scheduling and budgeting
  • Quoting and negotiation
  • Production coordination
  • Crew recommendations and booking
  • Location scouting and management
  • Permits
  • Casting
  • Travel arrangements and hotel bookings
  • Crew management
  • Equipment rental
  • On shoot management
  • Catering

About Katrine

Agent K Creative + Production was founded by Katrine Bowman, a well-known and respected agency producer in Brisbane who has more than 20 years expertise in stills production, multi-national advertising agencies and  television production. 

Katrine set out to create a business with the distinct point of difference of representing and producing for a select team of exceptionally creative commercial photographer and illustrators.  Each artist has their own unique niche and Agent K’s aim is to match their talents with the needs of clients to create outstanding imagery.

Katrine is in her absolute element while producing on set and representing her creatives. She is one of the most experienced producers in Brisbane both on the agency side, as well as production. To ensure that every shoot runs smoothly and is on time and budget, Katrine works closely with the photographer and the client to coordinate both the practical and creative requirements of each job.

During her career, Katrine has produced hundreds of projects including television commercials, videos, documentaries, radio advertisements, live events, and photography shoots. 

Katrine is also the producer for the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club Awards (BADC Awards).