It is very rare for Production companies to only represent Photographers and Illustrators. Our Founder, Katrine made this a distinct decision when creating Agent K.

Our brand is about finding a different solution for a different problem. Agent K does not just take on any job. We are very specific about finding the right fit for projects and creatives.

As well as representing and producing for a unique team of artists, Agent K also provides full production facilitation services for Australasia. 

With more than twenty years experience producing for Stills and Television, Katrine and her team have refined all aspects of production and can provide any level of project support.

Our fully qualified team can help with:

  • Scheduling and budgeting
  • Quoting and negotiation
  • Production coordination
  • Crew recommendations and bookings
  • Location scouting and management
  • Permits
  • Casting
  • Travel arrangements and hotel bookings
  • Crew management
  • Equipment rental
  • On Shoot management
  • Catering